WIP (Work in Progress) April Update

First round of editing is finished.

With my editor, we tackled these issues:

  • Scene development. Welcome to my world, my reader-friends.
  • Parting with poetic language. Readers, what’s your take-away?
  • And showing the progression from chaos to a new way of thinking or a new set of actions.

Persistence — Power — Positive Attitude, a January post put forth what I was up against. My editor’s guidance in this editing process has been invaluable in my persistence. It has given me confidence. (Thanks, Brad!)


Going in to April, the copy editor with my publishing house is now working with me. This is the fine combing through word after word and phrase after phrase, while paying attention to comma and period placement, and so on and so forth. Yes, tedious. I don’t envy her job. (Thanks, Emily!)


Following copy editing, there are more steps ahead of us. I’m not going to future trip. Rather, I’m happy to say we are getting my book ready for you. A well-known quote by Aristotle goes like this: “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”


Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher and scientist. Today, I am somebody. I did something to become who I am today. Criticism fell, and I pushed forward. Had I sat still, my life would have stayed in chaos and this book would not be happening.


Why I wrote my story:  People told me to get my story out in any way I could. That got me started. When recalling memories to put on paper, I couldn’t forget that when life was incredibly difficult for me, people said, “Keep the faith” or “It will be okay.” Read more, here.

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4 Replies to “WIP (Work in Progress) April Update”

  1. Glad your manuscript is being thoroughly edited, because hostile reviewers will leap upon grammar mistakes to distract from the positive message you want to convey. Title vote: “Secrets: One Was Too Many And Two Were Not Enough;” that title is good for showing the threshold crossing in your life; it was painful to cross over, but once over, there was no going back, forward was the only way to go, and beating the challenges once you were going forward was gratifying.

    1. Yes, quite a thorough package my publishing house is moving me through. They tell me I have a story to tell. And my success as an author determines their success as a publisher. And our collaborative success will determine changes in our communities and greater society for the better. Thanks for your support, Andrew.

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