Autumn and Book Fairs and Unbound

With the promise of crisp days on the horizon, a sense of nostalgia welcomes me into this autumn season. It seems a variety of holiday bazaars, indoor craft sales, and book fairs are plentiful for the taking this time of year.

Home Sweet Home: Getting Festive

People are getting into the festive spirit and are looking to buy craft items, baked goods, and stock up on homemade treats. They are looking to find perfect unique holiday décor, gifts, and simple pleasures for when cooped up inside on cold days.

Many of these events are a traditional fundraiser for schools, churches and synagogues, charities and other nonprofit organizations in the community. Even public libraries find that by supporting local authors with a book fair, it encourages people to keep coming back to the library.

Nostalgia suffuses social media, from online shopping to Instagram to Facebook. It provides opportunities for communities, which for logistical sakes can’t be offered year-round. It gives us an opportunity to meet the people who handcrafted these items, home-baked these goodies, or who wrote the book that you are dying to read. 

Last fall, I shared my then just released book, Out of Chaos at the annual book fair held at the public library in Burlington, Kentucky. This fall, I look forward to reconnecting with readers.

Let’s Go (to a book fair)

I have two scheduled book fairs this fall. If you are in the area, I hope you will stop in and get to know the authors in our community. If you are outside of the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, I hope you will visit the book fairs near you.

Attending book fairs far surpasses any Amazon shopping experience. You know, the feel of holding an actual book, the smell of ink on paper, and the sound of pages turning. And, it is about the personal connection to meet the author and to hear in their own words why they wrote the book or what it is like to share their story with you. It’s just too good to pass up.

Other great reasons to get to the next book fair are:

  • Book fairs offer a terrific assortment of books to choose from for yourself or as a gift.
  • Often, books are offered at a reduced price from the bookstore sticker price.
  • It is a meaningful way to support these authors and let them know you care.
  • It is a welcoming opportunity to make new friends with people who, likewise share a passion for reading.
  • You can get a signed copy of a book– that excitement of actually meeting an author and having them autograph their book for you.

All-in-all, book fairs can be an important role in developing the habit of reading books, in garnering community connection, and to spread culture, education and knowledge. It changes our outlook on life and widens our domain of learning.

If you can, please join me at these soon upcoming book fairs:

First Area Writers Festival
Saturday, October 5, 2019 (12:30-4:30 p.m.)
Miami Township Branch of Clermont County Public Library
5920 Buckwheat Avenue in Milford, Ohio.

Local Author Day and Book Fair
Saturday, November 9, 2019 (1:30-3:00 p.m.)
Boone County Public Library, Main Branch
1786 Burlington Pike in Burlington, Kentucky.

Visiting the Unbound Display at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.
(Elle Mott)

Unbound and other Events:

Unbound: A Display of Reentry Stories
Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Main Branch
800 Vine Street in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This Unbound Project allows voices and stories to be heard, and promotes a deeper understanding of the obstacles that so many of our neighbors face as they return to our communities [after incarceration].

Sometimes the Joy of Reentry Comes Slowly: Forty-seven Birthday Candles, written by me, is found among the diverse and brave collection in this display. Unbound is currently available for viewing—visit the library for viewing.

Unbound Display (partial view) at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

If at any time you are wondering where I will be next in my writing journey, you can find out by visiting the Events tab on this website. I appreciate every opportunity to connect with readers.

Other recent news in sharing my book are:

Podcast Guest with borrowed solace literary journal.
In their Author Feature, I talk with the journal’s editors about creative nonfiction. My essay “When They Came” was published in their inaugural issue two years ago, September 2017. This thirty-minute podcast went live earlier this month. From the Events Page here on my website, you can link to listen to it.

Guest with the All Author Blog.
Here, in an interview style, I share my passion for writing. It went live last summer. Again, visit my Events Page to link to their blog post.


Fairs and Festivals: An online advanced search tool to find events in your area.

First Area Writers Festival
Miami Township Branch of Clermont County Public Library

Local Author Day and Book Fair
Boone County Public Library, Main Branch

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
Blog Post: Unbound: Writing and Art from Cincinnati’s Returning Citizens
(Kelly Sheehy, 9/27/19)

My Events and Author Appearances

Please share in the comments of what you enjoy most about going to book fairs in your community. 

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