We Can Do It!

Since the latest political shift in our American society, people are taking a stand in unprecedented numbers — this latest wake makes it difficult to remain neutral.

In January 2017, our Capitol’s front steps saw the largest political demonstration in fifty years; a plea for human rights and equality. Our country hadn’t had such a large turnout since the days of the Vietnam War protest, back in the days I was born.

Eleanor Roosevelt had written a daily column for a syndicated newspaper; these ranged from women’s issues to general humanitarian causes. She was not just another First Lady. She was a changemaker.


  My great-grandmother penned an  advice column for women, Dear Polly Potter”. xxx

It ran in a  newspaper many years before Dear Abby. She was not just my role model. She made a positive difference in her community.


Likewise, we needn’t be just another concerned community citizen.

Through our chosen venue, we too can influence others.

As a Creative Nonfiction Writer and Memoirist, I see my passions include equal rights, advocacy for the homeless, and support groups which don’t isolate members. I’ve been adversely subjected to these problems in society, yet overcame them through action. Not many people can say the same, but many people are affected by these concerns….

The neighborhood I work in is in the heart of a big city, saturated with homeless folks. I put this concern in writing and it is now published in the inaugural issue of One Person’s Trash Literary Journal, even without any journalistic experience.

Like Eleanor Roosevelt, I believe I am making a difference, and I see differences all around me, thanks to my writing.

How will you influence change?

What will you do today to make a positive difference?

For a feel-good-story to get us started, check out the link to this photo (click on the photo), below:

Photo from Newsner

We can make a difference in our communities!



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