Debut Memoir
Now Available from Boyle & Dalton

A story about choices and consequences….

of control and surrender….

to find truth and connection.


Out of Chaos: A Memoir

By Elle Mott

With Boyle & Dalton Publishers.

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About my story:

This memoir, my debut book, shows what happened to throw me into chaos, then living in chaos, and then what I did about it, and now, who I am today. At times, my story is dark and harrowing, yet I promise, it will end on a bright new way of living.

At the heart of my story, I share the chaos I chased, the secrets I kept, and then how I let go to claim my truth and find connection with others. It reveals what we make of choices and consequences—and what these make of us.

Why I wrote my story:

People told me to get my story out in any way I could. That got me started. When recalling memories to put on paper, I couldn’t forget that when life was incredibly difficult for me, people said, “Keep the faith” or “It will be okay.”

When walking to my library job from my downtown bus stop, homeless folks with their signs asking for a hand-out would greet me good morning. When with friends, their difficulties would press on my heart. And news reports show us social injustices. These disconcerting moments pushed me to share my story. It is a story where I am not proud of some events. Yet, I persevered to get this book to you.

I wrote my story to show that no matter what mistakes we made, what wrongs we did, or what hardships we endured, we can make a right-about face. A change of heart and action makes it possible to become a contributing member in society. This change gives us inner peace, a sense of belonging, purpose, and meaning.  -Elle-