Upcoming Debut Memoir
To Be Released in 2018 by Boyle & Dalton


A story about choices and consequences….

of control and surrender….

to find truth and connection.

It is edgy, a little dark and harrowing, and then comes full circle into a bright new way of living. It is my true story, chronicling my relationship to my family matriarch. I try to earn my family legacy as first-born great-grandchild, but she dies before I succeed.

At the heart of my story, I share the chaos I chased, the secrets I kept, and then how I let go to claim my truth and find connection with others. It reveals what we make of choices and consequences—and what these make of us.

Why I wrote my story:

People told me to get my story out in any way I could. That got me started. When recalling memories to put on paper, I couldn’t forget that when life was incredibly difficult for me, people said, “Keep the faith” or “It will be okay.”

Then, through my writing process, I’d see others in their own hardships. When in my daily commute on foot, I’d pass by homeless folks and others struggling in the moment. When with friends, I’d feel their difficulties. And news reports show us the effects of social injustices. I need to share my story to show we can overcome trials, not by limiting ourselves to well-wishes, but by creating positive change.

After several revisions, tears, laughs, and ah-hah moments, I turned fifty years old and ready to release my memoir. That’s when Boyle & Dalton Publishers picked it up. We are getting it ready for your hands. Look for it soon.

Title: Out of Chaos

Author: Elle Mott

Genre: Memoir

Sub genre: Wanderlust

Publication Details:

Releasing August 9, 2018

with Boyle & Dalton Publishers.