Elle Mott Streetvibes Cincinnati Homelessness

That Ever Familiar Sign
A publication of Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition
Volume 24, Issue 7 (No. 429)
Print newspaper with electronic availability.
Published March 19, 2020.
Proceeds benefit persons experiencing homelessness.


Elle Mott Out of Chaos Memoir Book

Out of Chaos: A Memoir
Released August 2018
Boyle and Dalton Publishers.


Elle Mott Covington Writers Group Publication

Cold Day-Warm Soup
Covington Writers Group
Our Traditions 2017.

Recent Release

People Helping People

People Helping People:
Volunteer Ideas and Resources
to Make Positive Impact in our Communities

Released May 2020
Written and Published by Elle Mott


Elle Mott Covington Writers Group Publication
Elle Mott Covington Writers Group Publication

Covington Writers Group Anthologies
(2018) Home | Alone in the Dark Without My Candy
(2017) Ode to My Mind and My Heart | I am a Princess
(2016) My Commencement | My Tower to Freedom | He Is, He Is

Literary Journals

Elle Mott Homelessness Publications Tacoma

Homeless, Hungry, Please Help
One Person’s Trash: Voice for our Homeless Community Tacoma, Washington.
Inaugural Issue, May 22, 2017

Elle Mott borrowed solace

When They Came
borrowed solace: a journal of literary ramblings.

Inaugural Issue, September 2017: Hinterlands.

Elle Mott School for Creative and Performing Arts Community of Stories Cincinnati

A Community of Stories
School for Creative and Performing Arts, Cincinnati
On the Wings of Change, 2017 Issue

Transformation is About Becoming Who I Am | Forest
Dream of Change, 2016 Issue
Seeds of Change, 2015 Issue

News Magazines

Elle Mott Publications

American Atheist:
A Journal of Atheist News and Thought

(First Quarter Issue, 2017)
Recovery without God

(Fourth Quarter Issue, 2016)
Why I am an Atheist

Elle Mott Publications

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Elle Mott Out of Chaos
Elle Mott Out of Chaos